Zpey Epsilon 6nine #6-9

  • Category: Fly Reels




Zpey wished for a brand new reel concept with an elegant and minimalistic design based on the words "floating in air". From one block of solid aluminium, nothing superfluous would be allowed to remain. Ultimate design should hint at impossibility, but still be based on the necessary functionality that will always be the most important characteristic of a modern fly reel. Floating in air is just what these reels do. They seem to hover just under the reel seat of your fly rod and I often have to get in very close to make sure there is no magic involved. The brake system is designed for Zpey only and the amazingly smooth resistance will help you every step of the way, whenever one of the big ones tries to get away. The brake is fitted to the spool to ensure a 100 % waterproof system (the only exception from this is the Epsilon 9-11 reel). All the reels are salt water resistant and will withstand even complete immersion

The deep blue colour enhances the natural beauty of the Epsilon reels; they kind of radiate with a seemingly inherent light imbedded in the aluminium core. This deep blue colour is also the visual characteristic of the Zpey Infinity fly rods and together they're a match made in heaven.

There are five different Epsilons, from the lightest, almost weightless, trout version to the more powerful salmon versions. All of them designed to be a feast for the eye and to help you towards moments of pure joy.